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This is a mod obviously made using MCreator.

I'm open to Ideas on what I should add to this mod, Since I don't got any currently.

Currently this mod adds tools, armor, ores, foods, and a plant.


The Iozalda's are purple flowers you can find randomly that drop Iozalda Petals.

You can eat the Iozalda Petals to regain 1 hunger and 1 saturation.

You could alternatively turn the Iozalda Petals into a Bowl Of Iozalda if you have 3 Iozalda's and a Bowl.

The Petals give you speed for a little bit, and eating toe Bowl of Iozalda gives you more hunger and speed.


Sulfur Ore is found pretty commonly and is the Ore Counter part to Gunpowder.

Early game Gunpowder is hard to find in large quantites, so TNT isn't always an option for new Worlds.


Iron Ingots can be smelted into Steel Ingots, Steel Tools, Armor, and Weapons are more effective, but they break faster then Normal Iron.

If you don't craft Normal Steel Equipment, you can combine the Steel Ingot with Cobalt Dust to create a Cobalt Steel Alloy, which you need to smelt to turn into Cobalt Steel.

Cobalt Steel Currently only has one Use, to craft the Cobalt Drill.


About the recipe book, I don't know how to do recipes very well so when I learn how to do that you may actually see the recipes without needing JEI or something like it.

I personally recommend using JEI to figure out some of the Recipes.

Modification files
TheWatkinsMod.jar - The First ReleaseUploaded on: 02/05/2021 - 20:07   File size: 107.38 KB

1.0 "First Look / Release"

Plants Added; Iozalada.

Food Added; Iozalada Petal, Bowl of Iozalda.

Ores Added; Sulfur, Cobalt.

Materials Added; Sulfur, Cobalt Dust, Steel.

Tools added; Cobalt Drill, Steel Axe, Steel Shovel, Steel Hoe, Steel Pickaxe.

Armor Added; Steel Helmet, Steel Chestplate. Steel Leggings, Steel Boots.

Weapons Added; Steel Sword, Steel Axe.

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