Stuff To Mess With

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This mod is full of the most random stuff you can imagine! From pikachus to dirt tools, if you want something and its wierd, we got it here! Also, there is a secret tool for you guys to find... It can only be made by a very simple recipe, But its so random and odd you may never get it. Also, there are many interesting mobs and ores. Even ores in the nether! End ores are kind buggy atm, so they may not work well.

Modification files
STMW 3.0.jar - The Latest version of my mod, of which I decided to post here.Uploaded on: 02/08/2021 - 22:21   File size: 3.75 MB

This is probably the last version of the Stuff To Mess With Mod, besides bugs and MAYBE some small updates, and I decided to post it here! All I added since my last update on curseforge is just a new set of armor, the best armor yet. Its called Supremium and is nearly impossible to find. Good luck getting it if ya want it! :)