SPT Transport

Published by Aeturna on Thu, 02/11/2021 - 00:59
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This mod contains a few things to help you get around. There are only four things, but I still find it fun.



    - The AFK Travel Block is an icy block that keeps you moving after you start. This is crafted with one block of ice, and a water bucket.

    - The AFK Travel Slab is like the block form, but as a slab. Craft two using an AFK Travel Block.

    - The Propelling Block is a block that pushes you in the direction it's facing. You will pass through the block, so walking on it won't work. It's crafted with one cobblestone, and one piston.

    - The Mega Speed TNT is a blast-resistant block that, when touched, will propel you directly away. This block does not destroy land, because it doesn't explode. TNT and sugar make this.

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