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A mod created by the MCUSSR discord server.

Allows for craftable spawn eggs of many mobs! Also adds new game mechanics, food, recipes, and more.



  • Added Spawn Egg Crafting Table Recipes
    • Zombie Egg: zombie head surrounded by rotten flesh.
    • Skeleton Egg: skeleton skull surrounded by bones.
    • Creeper Egg: creeper head surrounded by TNT.
    • Husk Egg: zombie egg surrounded by sand in the corners and rotten soup on the edges.
    • Stray Egg: skeleton egg surrounded by blue ice in the corners and cobwebs on the edges.
    • Wither Skeleton Egg: stray egg surrounded by wither skulls in the corners and coal on the edges.
    • Spider Egg: spider husk surrounded by fermented spider eyes.
    • Cave Spider Egg: spider egg surrounded by poisonous potatoes in the corners and normal spider eyes on the edges.
    • Villager Egg: player head surrounded by blocks of emeralds.
    • Evoker Egg: villager egg surrounded by six gold on the top and bottom and two totems of undying on the sides.
    • Pillager Egg: villager egg surrounded by six bricks on the top and bottom and two crossbows on the sides.
    • Vindicator Egg: villager egg surrounded by six iron ingots on the top and bottom and two iron axes on the sides.
    • Blaze Egg: five fire charges in an X pattern with four blaze rods on the edges.
    • Ghast Egg: five fire charges in an X pattern with four ghast tears on the edges.
    • Slime Egg: nine slime blocks.
    • Magma Cube Egg: slime egg surrounded by four magma blocks on the corners and four magma cream on the edges.
    • Bee Egg: bee husk surrounded by honeycombs.
  • Other Added Crafting Table Recipes
    • Infested Stone, Infested Cobblestone, Infested Stone Bricks, Infested Mossy Stone Bricks, Infested Cracked Stone Bricks, and Infested Chiselled Stone Bricks: silverfish husk surrounded by corresponding uninfested stone variants. 
    • Player Head: a beating heart in the middle, zombie heads in the top and right edges, skeleton skulls in the bottom and left edges, and water buckets in all four corners.
  • Added Consumables
    • Beating Heart: 5% chance to drop from villagers or players. Can be eaten, even at a full hunger bar, and grants Night Vision for 40 seconds, Wither I for 2 seconds, Poison III for 10 seconds, and Weakness II for 10 seconds.
    • Rotten Soup. Can be eaten, and grants Nausea for 30 seconds, Hunger I for 30 seconds, and Absorption II for 20 seconds. Crafted with a bowl on the bottom, honey bottle in the middle, carrot on top, and rotten flesh on the two middle sides. 
  • Added Crafting Items
    • Spider and Bee Husks: 5% chance to drop from the corresponding mob.
    • Silverfish Husks: 50% chance to drop from silverfish.
  • Added Procedures
    • All Zombies, Husks, Strays, and Skeletons can wear armour and hold items in both hands.
    • Crafted Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Blaze, Cave Spider, and Magma Cube Eggs can be used on spawners, which will cause lightning to strike the spawner as it changes state. All other crafted eggs cannot be used on spawners and will make the spawner explode upon attempt.
  • Other Additional Features
    • There is an additional Creative Mode Tab for Summoner-exclusive inventory items.
    • NBT tags spawnerallow and spawnerrestrict are placed on certain eggs to allow or restrict the alteration of naturally generating mob spawners. They are left blank.
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