Mike's Better World

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Hello! if you like mods that bring various things ... this is your lucky day!

In this mod I try to add many biomes, minerals, and maybe even some mobs, each with its unique functionality, in the first version with a biome, called: "Abandoned Plains"

Then I will also try to add various things with textures at least that are acceptable and good.

Modification files
Mike's Better World [V.0.0.5].jar - The Legacy Update!84.8 KB
Mike's Better World [V.0.1.5].jar - The New UUUPdate!948.49 KB

Here tell me what you think might be useful for the mod and maybe add it to the mod :)

It looks hopeful! I downloaded the mod, but not because I like it so much now, but because I think it can be good when some work is done on it, and you say you want 20 updates.

Anyway I try to do good projects ... with the projects I have, I think they are not so good, the best is diamond spawn, it shows, but I'm improving on this, so the update will not need 20 downloads