Published by SaucyFoot on Sat, 02/20/2021 - 18:14
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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CarterCraft Is Mod That We Update Weekly To Add More Stuff Or Help Bugfixes, CarterCraft Is Planning To Be One Of The Most Important Mods On The Planet.


We CarterCraft Are Open To New Ideas Anytime, Even If Your Ideas Dont Get Published In Current Versions, It Might Be In Later Ones.

Right Now You Can Get The Latest Realeses On Github We Hope You Enjoy Are Creation,

And Yes This Will Be Posted For 1.16 Versions Later But Right Now We Are Working On 1.15.2

Modification files
CarterCraft_V1.0.1.jar - Adds The Ability To Craft Mob Eggs 1.15 MB

Adds The Ability To Craft Mob Eggs

Changes The Recipe For Xp Potions A Little Bit (Before You Couldn't Craft Them, -Bug)

Changes The Version GUI To The Top Left Corner Rather Than In The Middle Of The Screen

I suggest adding an explanation of what your mod actually does in the description as well/what you plan for it to be in general.

Thanks for this mod try to do better ones to evolve I will be supporting you.