Published by ayzek02 on Sun, 02/21/2021 - 17:58
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Hello this mod update the end with new ores and new cool stuff based in the end theme.


Do you also find that the end is boring and that there is nothing to be done about it? This mod is the solution because new minerals are added, new weapons and lots of other stuff. This is only alpha 1.0 of the mod so it is normal that it is not very complete (advice: use NEI or JEI to know the crafts)



Version of the mod : Alpha 1.1

Version of minecraft requires : 1.14.4


-Added end painting
-Added a new dimension (the new end)
-Added a multiTool
-reduced EndGun damage
-Added the EndTnT
-Added Ender Apple

End painting is a painting showing the end to beautify your home decoration
The New End is a dimension of the end with new cool biomes its good for adventure
The multitool is a grouping of several minecraft tools
Endgun damage has been erduced
The endTnt is a tnt which explodes directly after switching on and which gives a levitating effect (the tnt can be ignited only with redstone )

Looks good, I'll be glad for updates and also more detailed description.