Ambient Addition

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------------------------------------------------------VERSION 1.0---------------------------------------------------------
Bellflower : The Bellflower Can Be Crafted Into 'Dark Purple Dye'
Dark Purple Dye : Can Be Used To Dye: Wool, Glass, Concrete Powder And Terracotta
Vanilla Change 001: Dirt Can Now Be Flattened Into Path By Shovel
Flowering Red Fountain Grass : This Blood Soaked Grass Block Has A %30 Chance To Spawn When Killing An Undead Creature. Breaking This Block With A Shovel Will Results In Getting A Dirt Block, And Can Also Spawn In Forests And Swamps
Aluminium Ore : This Ore Can Be Broken With A Diamond Pickaxe And Has A %95 Chance To Drop An Aluminium Nugget As Well As A %10 Chance To Drop 2 Aluminium Nuggets. 9 Aluminium Nuggets Can Be Crafted Into 1 Aluminium Chunk. You Need 2 Aluminium Chunks And 2 Iron To Make 1 Aluminium Ingot Which Can Be Crafted Into A Aluminium Block

Zombie Type 001 : Crawler : This Zombie Has A %18 Chance To Spawn When Killing A Zombie {HP 13}
Zombie Type 002 : Runner : This Zombie Spawn Naturally In The World And Can Run As Fast As The Player {HP 17}
Zombie Type 003 : Scaled Zombie : This Zombie Is Very Strong And Can Kill The Player In 2 Hits. When Struck With Lightning Has A %10 Chance To Strick Scales Off Turning The Zombie Into A Sprinter {HP 35}
Zombie Type 004: Spore Zombie : This Zombie Has Been Infected By Spores And Will Explode When Killed{HP 18}
Zombie Type 005: Scaled Spore Zombie : This Zombie Has Been Infected By Spores And Will Explode Very Large When Killed{HP 30}
Zombie Type 006 : Spitter : This Zombie Will Spit Spores At You Damaging You For 1 HP {HP 16}

Zombie Arm : This Weapon Occasionally Drops From Zombies. When Attacking With Weapon Has A Chance To Enchant With Smite If Attacking An Undead Creature {Damage 1.2}
Cranso Berry Plant : This Plant Gives High Saturation Fruits And Also Has A %6 Chance To Give Spore Item And A Higher Chance If You Have A Zombie Arm Equip In Both Hands

Spore : This Item Can Infect Most Undead Creatures When Right Clicked On With A Spore. The Spore Can Also Be Eaten Giving The *Infected* Potion Effect

Potion Of Infected : This Potion Does Nothing With Strength Of 1 Yet When Getting Attacked By Undead Can Effect You With Infected 2 Giving You Poison And Nausea. Once You Have Infected 2 You Will Be Fine Until The Effect Clears, Then You Turn Into A Runner Zombie
Sanginite Ore : This Ore Spawns In Andesite Chunks And When Broken Give Sunginite Gem Leaving You With Andesite In Its Place
Vanilla Change 002 : Skeletons Now Have A Chance To Spawn Without A Bow
Woodcutter : This Block Can Craft Wood Type Blocks Into Different New Blocks, And Can Be Crafted With Every Type Of Wood
Paths : Path Blocks Are The Surface Of A Block Turned Into A Carpet Of Sorts. Use The Stone Ore Wood Cutter To Make Paths


Mod Elements : 94


Cransenite : This Decoration Block Can Be Found Underground Like Andesite, Diorite And Granite. The Block Can Be Crafted Into; Slab, Stairs, Walls And Paths. It Can Also Be Turned Into A Polished Variant That Also Has; Slab, Stairs, Walls And Paths. This Can Be Turned Into A Polished Brick Variant With; Slab, Stairs, Walls And Paths, That Can Be Turned Into More; Slab, Stairs, Walls And Paths Mod Elements : 149


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Ambient Addition 11.jar - Version [1.1]1.14 MB

V1.1 Added Cransenite

Your mod looks great, but because you capitalized every word in the description (which isn't grammatically correct) many people won't read it as it is not pleasing to the eye.