More Legends

Published by Hazzah_ on Thu, 02/25/2021 - 17:43
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More Legends

A mod that's focused on exploration, combat, magic, and overall making the game a little harder.

Most of it inspired by The Legend of Zelda series from Nintendo.

For updates, I will try to keep this trello board active: Mo' Legends REDUX | Trello


Future updates may include:

 - More enemies

 - Giant pre-made dungeons with bosses, and quests to complete.

 - New items and tools, some mechanical, some magical.

 - Special tools for adventure map-makers.


Side Note: This mod does not, and probably never will fully support multiplayer gameplay. For example most values are tied to a world file, and not individual players. 

Modification files
more_legends 0.1.0.jar - Update 0.1.0 - Colorful Economy1.11 MB

For a more precise changelog, visit :

 Update 0.1.0 - Colorful Economy Update

 - Brings a bunch of new gemstones to spice up trading a bit, and also includes some basic mechanics, required for future development.