Luca's Lego Mod

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you will find every thing in the inventory tab, this was a mod made by LUCA it was fun making it and fun to play with. this mod adds lego's,new dimensions,a new disk and a new structure. (and new biomes too)                                                                                                                                    but ya thats the mod its one of my first mods

Modification files - the download3.78 MB

...why is it called a "lego mod" if it pretty much has nothing lego related
also could you describe the items instead of saying "you will find everything in the inventory tab"? me and probably many other people would prefer to know the contents before downloading a mod

well i wouldn't know that because i can only know the contents of a mod from mod descriptions (because my computer sucks), and i wouldn't download a mod specifically to review it anyways. but legos don't seem to be the main focus of the mod.