Flimbus Indev

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In development
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Texture designer
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Minecraft Forge mod
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A mod created by MCUSSR.

Published by IvanBiscuit Dev.

A mod that adds craftable spawn eggs among other interactive utilities.


Current Features:

  • New edibles.
  • Tons of new crafting recipes, including many spawn eggs.
  • Alterations to mob behaviour.


NOTE that this mod is a pre-release of a bigger, more immersive one. In the near future, we hope to add much more diverse updates to vanilla mob AI, allowing for the creation of mob armies for a more engaging and expansive multiplayer. 

Additional notes on mod features can be seen in the wikiguide.txt file in the downloadable .zip archive.



Modification files
flimbusindev0.1.jar - Basic .jar that can be ported straight into forge.53.99 KB
flimbusindev0.1.zip - Full .zip archive with info, guides, and previous versions.44.27 KB