Better Vanilla Additions

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This mod is just a mix of my stupid ideas. If you have any suggestions/feedback post them in the comments! Note: This mod is in alpha testing, I'm just testing/fixing stuff before releasing.
This mod Currently adds:
Feather Boots [ Gives a SlowFall II Boost ]
Can be crafted by using 1 Leather Boots in middle
And on the side feathers (6 Feathers)
Speed Leggings [ Gives a speed I Boost ]
Put 5 leathers in a helmet shape and put 2 feathers under it.
Iron Golem Core [Work in progress]
Drops from Iron Golem (30%)

Modification files
BetterVanillaAdditions.jar - Alpha Testing v1.0.0Uploaded on: 03/15/2021 - 00:17   File size: 37.57 KB