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Hello, today I will introduce my new mod: P
Q: What's the name of the mod?
R: It's called ModdedCraft
Q: How often will there be updates?
R: I create it with passion, I immediately say that there will be updates every few days.
Q: What does the mod add / want to add? R: I am currently creating unique super tools and a better bow, there will also be some funny and not funny achievements, plus we already have the first miniiboss, there will be more of them, but it's on the changelog soon.
Q: Will there be new dimensions in mod?
R: Yes they will, plus there will be many terrible structures: P
R: Additionally, there will be a little lore ...

Modification files
ModdedCraft MC-1.16.4.jar - First experimentall versionUploaded on: 03/27/2021 - 19:10   File size: 138.82 KB

Main and small versions:

I plan to add a mini boss in mod and is already testing dungeons with this material, there will also be a few more dungeons with different loot and unique items. Can you not delete the page permanently yet, I will improve it as I have time (probably soon after this news).
Thanks for understanding and sorry for the inconvenience. :P