OreSpawn Reloaded

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Please note that the original mod was not made by me. Credit goes to TheyCallMeDanger and MeganLorraine for the Original Mod
Please note that this mod is still in Alpha Status and is not yet complete, more features and mobs will be added in the future.

This Mod is an Unofficial Port of OreSpawn 1.7.10 to 1.16.5

This mod adds 5 of the armours from the original.
This mod adds 4 tool sets from the original.
This mod adds many items and materials from the original.
This mod adds the ores and proper ore spawning from the original.
This mod adds many blocks from the original.

Plans for next update:
- Add some dimensions
- Add some mobs
- Add an endgame
- Fix bugs if anyone finds any

I recommend using the mod "Just Enough Items" for recipes.

Modification files
OreSpawn Reloaded Alpha 1.0.jar - The First Public Release of OreSpawn Reloaded360.68 KB

Added 5 Armour Sets
Added 5 Tool Sets

Added Amethyst, Ruby, Uranium Nugget, Uranium, Titanium Nugget, Titanium
Added Amethyst, Ruby, Uranium, Titanium Ores
Added Amethyst, Ruby, Uranium, Titanium Block

You know that the creator of orespawn doesn't want anyone to do ports for his mods, right? And another thing, did you get that idea from my mod? If so, I don't get angry, the one who gets angry is TheyCallMeDanger

Orespawn is officially porting to 1.12.2 and the more recent versions after. Right now the public version is the development version 0.5 and if you're a premium member you can play with development version 0.8. I don't think they're porting the king and queen related stuff though.