Avocado Extension

Published by RavenzFace on Sat, 04/03/2021 - 22:12
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The Avocado Extension Includes Nether Overworld And End Ores and Much More Like Tools And Armor This is also My First Mod But I Hope You Enjoy It. -Ravenz


Ores: Avocado | Kiwi | Ravel | Shoif |

New Dimension Ores.: End Ore | Prestige

New Mobs: Avocado Minion | Corrupted Avocado | Bandit |*DREAM*| End Corrupter | End Crawler

Note: Could Be Some Bugs Cause This Isnt 100% Looked Through

Bosses: Mutant Zombie | Avocado Golem

9 New Advancements.

1 New Structure

Tons Of New Recipes To Make Existing Items

New Tools - Swords Pickaxes Armor Grenade.

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