Change completely: second snapshot

Published by MrD0nny on Mon, 04/05/2021 - 17:18
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome gentlemen to the second snapshot of Change Completely, mod whose goal is to change EVERYTHING (it will be a pain). In this second snapshot we have:
- scarab: insects that populate the desert and make it more disgusting. I wouldn't beat them if I were you.
- cooked and raw scarab: uh .. looks good
- palm trees: spawn randomly in the desert
- palm log: can be transformed into boards, steps, doors and trapdoors
- Bandages: dropped from mummies, if you use heal 2 health
- dates: they grow on palm trees, much more inviting than a scarab

Old features:

- mummies: scary and troll (if you wonder why you try the mod :)). For now they spawn like normal mobs, perhaps in the future in spawned structures (new desert temples?). By the way, they are afraid of cats, who knows why?

- two new desert plants: dead grass and small cacti

- new generation of the desert

- quicksand: customers are kindly requested to be careful not to end up in it.

- new Structure: Desert Tower, built by villagers to protect their village.
To advise me on what to put in the next snapshot write here:

Modification files
change_completely.jar - first snapshot200.8 KB
change_completely_0.jar - second snapshot314.49 KB

v 1.0.0: added dead grass, little cactus, sandstone bricks, quicksand, mummy, desert tower, sandstone boulder.

v 1.0.1 added scarab, raw scarab, cooked scarab, palm wood and derivatives, bandage, date,