Advanced Sorcery

Published by RexCerv on Wed, 04/14/2021 - 23:03
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Advanced Sorcery is a mod that will allow you to make Basic, Normal, and Advanced Conjures that will allow the creation of weapons and wands that will Cast Special Spells. This Wands Can Be Upgraded And Fully Customizable 

(Currently Available on VERSIONS 1.15.2 and 1.16.5)

Version 4.1 

Planned Features For Advanced Sorcery Mod: Customizable Spells, More Altars, More Weapons and More Wands, Varied Treasure Structures (Planned for 5.0), More Wand Upgrades.


                                  Starting With Advanced Sorcery, Simple Crafts: 


(All Crafts On This Section Are Made With A Normal Crafting Table)

Before Making Our Conjures, We Will Need Materials For Making Them Work, First, Craft A Resonating Wand (JEI May Be Needed).

After We Have Our Resonating Wand, We Will Need An Energy Barrel.

Then, After Our Energy Barrel Is Placed Correctly, We Will Need To Craft An Energy Catalyzer To Make It Function Correctly. 

Also, We Will Need Our Basic Altar, Craft It And Place It Correctly.

And Something Very Important For Energy Stability, We Need A Fused Energized Iron Block.

After We Have This, We Will Need 1 More Item For Our Conjures, An Energy Stabilizer.


                                   Charging Things With An Energy Barrel:

For The Last Thing, Before We Make Our First Conjure, We Will Need A Charged Resonating Wand, Open The Energy Barrel's GUI And Place A Resonating Wand Followed By An Energy Catalyzer, Click the Button, And Wha-La, A Charged Resonating Wand.

After You Made And Used Your Basic Wand, You May Have Noticed It Can Break, This Is Because The Energy Inside It Can Die, To Charge It, Put It On The Energy Barrel, Followed By An Energy Catalyzer. After Clicking The Button, It Will Be Fully Charged Again. Be Careful With Your Wand!

After You Made And Used Your Basic Magic Bow, You May Have Noticed It Can Break, This Is Because The Energy Inside It Can Die, To Charge It, Put It On The Energy Barrel, Followed By An Energy Catalyzer. After Clicking The Button, It Will Be Fully Charged Again. Be Careful With Your Bow!


                                                 Magic Bow, Spells and Functions:

Our first weapon, is the Magic Bow. The Magic Bow will summon a Lightning every time it hits an entity. And It Does More Damage than a normal bow. Multiple Upgrades are implemented for this Bow, check the Upgrades Heading for more information.

                                  Starting With Advanced Sorcery, Basic Conjures: 

After Having Our Basic Altar Correctly Placed, We Will Need A Stick To Open The Altar's GUI. After We Opened The Basic Altar's GUI, We Will Need 1 Diamond And 1 Energy Stabilizer, Put Them On The GUI, And Right Click The Altar With A, "Charged Resonating Wand". (And Then Right Click With A Normal Resonating Wand.)

The Energized Diamond Should Be Obtained, With This Energized Diamond, We Can Make Our 1st Wand, The Basic Wand. On The Basic Altar GUI, Put An Energized Diamond And A Fused Energized Iron Block. After Confirming Our Conjure, We Should Obtain Our First Wand.


                                    Basic Wand, Spells And Functions:

(Customizable Spells Will Be Added To All Wands In Future Updates.)

After You Made Your Basic Wand, It's Time To Use It! Right Clicking On The Air Will Summon A Lightning Bolt To Every Near Mob. Each Bolt Costs 2 Energy.

Hitting A Mob With Our Wand, Will Summon A Lighting (No damage dealt), This Will Cost 0 Energy.

Our Basic Wand Can Maintain Up To 35 Energy. (Energy Upgrades Are Available On Version 2.0 And Higher)

Right Clicking With Our Wand On An Iron Ore, Will Convert It Into An Energized Iron Ore. (5 Energy Cost) This Will Summon A Lighting, So Be Careful! (Energized Iron Is Used For Crafting Fused Energized Iron And Other Important Crafts, Such As Wands Upgrades. JEI Is Recommended.)


Our First Basic Upgrade, Is The Energy Upgrade, For This, We Will Need An Energy Upgrade (Craftable On A Normal Crafting Table).

After We Have Our Upgrade, We Will Make A Basic Conjure, On The Basic Altar, Put Our Basic Wand And Our Energy Upgrade, Right Click With A Charged Resonating Wand, And Then Right Click With A Normal Resonating Wand.

Now, Our Basic Wand Can Hold Up To 75 Energy!

The Energy Upgrade can also been used on the Basic Magical Bow. (Conjure is the same as the Basic Wand Energy Upgrade.) This Will Allow The Bow To Hold Up To 75 Energy!

The Arrow Damage Upgrade can be used on the Basic Magical Bow. To Upgrade our Bow, craft the Arrow Damage Upgrade on a crafting table, make a simple conjure by adding the Magic Bow with the Arrow Damage Upgrade, Now Our Bow Has 7.5 Of Base Damage! (Upgrades can be combined.)

                                 (Version 4.0+) Demonic Sorcery: 

As of Version 4.0 the Demonic Sorcery Update was Available, this update adds a new POWERFUL Wand taken directly from the Demon's Vault. 

To start with the Demonic Sorcery, we will need a Knife to extract Blood Drops from ourselves, then, we will need a Dragon Head surrounded with Redstone Blocks on X- and X+ (Left and Right), we will Right Click the Dragon Head with the blood drop to get the Demonic Acceptance. 

With this we will need to craft a Demonic Brick ( 'On A Normal Crafting Table ' JEI Recommended), we will need a Plain Area to make sure the Demon's Vault doesn't bug or anything, right clicking the Demonic Brick with the Demonic Acceptance will generate the Demon's Vault, where we can find Awesome Treasures.

On one of those chests we will find the Demonic Staff (Be careful, because using unknown Magic can kill anyone that dares to play with it.)

We will need to Extract the Demon's Heart from the Wand, for that we will need to Craft a Heart Extractor (Normal Crafting Table, JEI Recommended). 

Unknown Materials: To get the Heart Extractor we need an Unknown Gem, this Gem can only be possessed by breaking Emerald Ores (The Drop Is Affected By Fortune).

With this we need to place our Heart Extractor correctly, which is Lava on Y-2 (Lava on 2 blocks below) and a Magma Block on Y-1 (Magma Block on 1 block Below).

After that we will be able to open the Extractor's GUI, we place the Demonic Staff and click the button, with that we will get the Demon's Heart.

Making the, "Controlled Demonic Staff" will require a Conjure (Made with any Altar in the Mod.), for it we will need to place a Resonating Wand and the Demon's Heart on any Altar's GUI, we right click it with a Charged Resonating Wand, and again with a Resonating Wand. With that the Controlled Demonic Staff should be dropped.

                                   Tools & Armor

Within Update 4.0+ the Tools & Armor of the Mod can't be crafted anymore, we will need a Magical Crafting Table (JEI is Recommended to craft this Table).

Then after we place our new Table correctly, we can make Magic Recipes. 

Magical Bow: 

Magical Bow Recipe


                        Controlled Demonic Staff

The Controlled Demonic Staff has multiple Powers when Right Clicked, it will deal 15 damage to all entities 10 blocks far from Player, and it will even Summon a Lightning to all entities.

It's main Durability is of 1000, but it is upgradable (Not In 4.0+ Mod Version). 

It can be recharged on the Energy Barrel, and it uses an Energy Catalyzer like every other Item.

                       End Of Description:

Thanks To MCreator For Making The Creation Of This Mods Possible!

And Leave Feedback On Your Experience Being A True Sorcerer!

(Special Thanks to swelkinn_n for the Logo!)

Please Report Any Bugs You May Encounter On Your Sorcery Gameplay.

Modification files
Advanced Sorcery 4.1.jar - Mod Version 4.1 Minecraft VERSION 1.15.2 (NEWEST)14.61 MB
Advanced Sorcery 4.1 1.16.5.jar - Mod Version 4.1 Minecraft VERSION 1.16.514.64 MB


Major Bugs Fixes

Better Balance


Added Max Energy Upgrade For Basic Wand

Added Utility For Energized Iron

Added Better Balance

Changed Some Conjures


Minor Bug Fixes



Added The First Weapon, Magic Bow!

Added More Upgrades For Weapons

More Conjures

Some Conjures Were Changed

Better FPS And Stability

Better Balance

First Custom Code Was Used.


Demonic Update


Fixed Bugs

Changed some Crafts


Fixed Bugs

Fixed Grammar

Changed Names of Items