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A simple 1.12.2 mod that adds multitools. I made this for a mod pack. These all deal the same damage as an axe and have three times the durability of the original tool.
Can I use this in a mod pack of my own?

Sure! Just credit me!
I found a bug!

I have no clue how you did that, but comment it on the MCreator page.
Can you add support for 1.x.x?
If there's a way to make it work on MCreator, sure! Just comment it on the MCreator page.

Modification files
Multitools.jar - 1.12.2 version 1.0Uploaded on: 04/16/2021 - 19:53   File size: 44.44 KB

Can you please add support for 1.16.5? 1.12.2 is really outdated especially with MCreator mods.