Dark Dust

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Adds some weirdos (weird things) from lore of my skin...


Things it adds:

4 (7) essences (a normal items is some of them)

A "second" frost walker x2

infinity source of coal, xp and ice

item made of 8 503 056 single ice items

too much packed sword

packed packed packed packed ice

packed packed packed anti-block

 A very hard boss

Hours of farming

Lore of my skin

easter egg

lightning bolts hitting you

some of useless worthless tries to finish this mod

alt+f4'ing feels

years of farming

Exciting ending (not really. Just cause you did it after so many years)

darkest lantern and lens that is ultimate ores sources.

Guide book

1 more sword

more packing

Packing tool 

Lightning "Rod" structure

new dark cold biome

strange souls

useless effect

fancy gem

more eastereggs




And more (i think...)

and thanks for visiting / downloading!

PS. Next update will fix darkest lantern

Visit project on curseforge!

Modification files
darkdust1_2.jar - Dark Dust Mod Version 1.2514.77 KB

fixed darkest lantern