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[ Recycling : This is a migration from 1.12.2 to 1.16.5. There may be a change in some things ]

Solar-System-Adventure - Mod gives the ability to hit the planet of the solar system

For a flight to other planets, you need to prepare. First, as always, we extract new metals: Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Tin.

And now we make a generator and a compressor from these resources. A generator is needed to generate energy, and energy is needed everywhere . The compressor is needed to create plates for various things. Oh yes, to create some things you need steel, you can make it in an arc furnace from iron and coal and of course energy.

We finished the first things and now the mechanisms :

  1. Distiller - Needed for converting oil into fuel
  2. Air collector - for filling air balloon
  3. Fuel loader - Needed to fill the rocket with fuel
  4. The most important thing is the - Rocket designer - Needed to assemble a rocket
  5. Now how to assemble a rocket lv.1 - For heavy- duty plate of tin copper and steel cone stabilizers and engine. And put the rocket on the take-off site

And now that we have assembled the rocket, we need to think about safety.

Space suit made of heat-insulating fabric

  1. Full air cylinders
  2. Parachute
  3. It seems like all there is

What's in the next update : 

  1. Wires
  2. Storage
  3. The Solar Panel
  4. Adding meteorites to the moon
  5. Essence Grinder
  6. Bug fixes

[ Special message: If you find a bug, write in the comments under the mod ]

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Solar - System - Adventure 1.15 - Added basic things and the moon