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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Academic Free License v3.0
Latest supported Minecraft version

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Turned its a mod for the steam game ("Changed"), mixed sightly with my Discord Server "Adapted" lore, who is a Roleplay based on a different timeline of Changed!.
The mod focuses on having mostly transform-based mechanics and various NPCs/Monsters! Along with decorative and building blocks.

Currently Featuring:
-Lot's of Construction and Decorative blocks! (3D Ones included!)
-500+ Elements!
-Block Spreading like a nest.
-3D Latexes and NPCs
-Reduced to 3 guns only! (AR, Flamethower and Dart rifle, less guns to fit the changed aesthetic.)

[Our Discord!]
it was supposed to be private, but i decided to open it for the public!



Update 1.21: 

  • + Another Secret
  • + Added dark latex sunlight check gamerule
  • + Added dark latex stone spread gamerule
  • + Added tag_immune_blocks tag
  • + Added tag_stone_blocks tag
  • + Added Dark latex leaves block!


  • + Removed 1 (The Operator) secret, Tradeoff.
  • + Improved the dark latex spread block, now it uses tags!, no more server death.
  • + Dark Latex Boss Nerfs & Fixes:    (Dragon has now 150 HP instead of 200 HP); (Dragon mass entity spawn was fixed); (Queen bee and Queen spider entity spawn fixed.)
  • + Nerfed and fixed the dark latex crystal, now it mostly spawns slugs.
  • + Crystal Spawner dark latex block spawns less often now.
  • + Crystal and Crystal generator are now flammable.