Pretty much Doom eternal on a budget

Published by EmoBoiLink on Mon, 04/19/2021 - 16:51
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For some reason monsters are spawning in your Minecraft world, demons or parasites you don't know what they are, but you know that there are different variations of these terrifying and evil creatures. Some are fast and weak, some are slow and strong, some are fats and strong, and some are just meh. Either way, these monsters will try to kill you in any way possible. Spawning at night, not dying in sunlight, being able to "infect other mobs" these monsters will devour your livestock, slaughter your villagers, and relentlessly hunt you down. But you won't give up without a fight, you grab an easy to make makeshift shotgun and fight. You can upgrade your shotgun in various ways making you even more OP maybe getting to the "God's Shotgun". Did I also mention that there is new armor and swords. If you get rotten flesh from these monsters or any other, you can craft "hide armor" normally and survive easily, or craft an iron sword or stone sword diagonal and craft a katana or a hunter sword. Did I also forget to mention the type of armor that is stronger than netherite? yeah, there is armor plating from leather and iron that you can use to craft armor plating.

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