Delicious Nectar

Published by weirdvibes on Wed, 04/28/2021 - 00:53
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Hello everyone this is my first mod ever , minecraft have no nectar yet so i thought it would be cool to make mod about nectar and to make nectar you need to craft nectar machine .


Nectar machine recipe : 



when you right click the machine a GUI like this will show :


in case to make nectar you have to put Nectar glass bottle and the ingredient (fruit) in the first two slots 


there are nine nectars you can make they are : apple nectar , melon nectar , carrot nectar , sweet berry nectar , golden apple nectar , beetroot nectar , slime nectar , glowstone nectar , enderpearl nectar .


the Nectar glass bottle recipe is : 


What will be there in the next update : pies that you can create by nectar , more fruit nectars , adding food nectars


 Delicious Nectar 0.2 changelog :


mod overview on my youtube channel don't forget to subscribe :

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Ok, suggestion, make actual textures yourself? If you want some suggestions, use these websites.
This one for mc textures:
This one for making/editing textures:

I'd like to help with this mod if you'll allow me to. My discord is RedPanda18#1472. I can make textures for you, give ideas, and help with making the mod itself if you want. I really like this idea and am excited to see it complete and what it turns into in the future.

I stopped working on this mod , there won't by any more updates and it will stay on 1.15.2 .