Beyond Diamond !

Published by IBE on Wed, 04/28/2021 - 16:53
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Main Content release (unpolished version)


-Pyro Ore

-Cryo Ore

-Condensed Diamond Ore

-Energy Ore

Tools, Weapons and armor

-Pyro Sword, Bow and Arrows, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe, Pyro Armor (gives fire resistance when full set is equipped)

-Cryo Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Traveller's armor (useful effects and better protection than diamond)

-Dark Sword tier I, II, III and Energy Sword (last tier), Energy Armor (Very useful in combat, gives crazy effects but also hunger II)


Dark Gem Purifier, Pyro Apple, Potion of Target Locking, Reinforced Diamond, Diamond stick, Powered Iron, Backpack, Dark Energy Charger, Elemental key, Ender Canidae Fur, Diamond Press (not D pressed), stalker eye ( works like ender pearl but high power and 15 uses).


-Pyroman Very strong zombie spawns in groups in the dimension. Is resistant to fire.

-Pyropig it drops cooked porkchop when killed and it runs fast.

-The Stalker, it is the main enemy of this mod. Releases a paralyzing gas when it. Drops its eye when killed. 

-Grace Bird, a small predator that hunts Pyropigs.

-Ender Canidae, looks cute, hunts pyropigs and drop fur when killed. 

-Cryoman, less resistant than the Pyroman but deals more damage and runs faster.

-The Great Elemental, a boss that only spawn in its structure wich can be found in the overwolrd. Requires the elemental key.

-Dwarf Dragon, tamable, it spawns during the day and can be found in The Great Cold biome.

-MakoDraconix Looks like a small dragon, tamable and rideable, can be found in The Great Cold and the Classic biomes.


-Purpur wood and all of its block variants

-Frozen Wood and all of its block variants 

-Diamond chest, High capacity storage

-Petriwood, gives stone when mined


The Dimension's portal frame can be build with endstone and requires it's own lighter ( obtainable by killing the Great Elemental)

This mod requires a lot of polishing but here is the main content of it. All of the textures and mechanics might change in the future.

Modification files
Beyond Diamond! Main content release.jar - All of the content of the mod but not polished6.15 MB



I posted this here but I do not recommend downloading before the beta release

Beta! Finally! Try out the mod and tell me if there's any changes to make! It's first mod so I can always learn new stuff from you guys!

I would say that this looks really atmospheric and I see great potential in that! I will download it soon I think, because it seems really interesting ^^