Kiwi Kaua

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By DoctorMojik

''Kiwi kaua'' from the traditional hawaiian ''War horns''. Its a mod that adds new group of items called the war horns, every war horn has a different functionality, having said that lets start with the items description


Default War Horn

The default war horn is the normal horn, it can be crafted with bones and bone blocks, also can be dropped by the ravager, but the drop chance is about 5% so.... choose one.

This item applies glowing to every entity in a cube of 25x25 blocks, also it has a cooldown of 30 seconds and 15 uses


Rain War Horn

The name of this war horn says everything about it, When its clear it make rain, when its raining it make clear

(It don't apply glowing to entities like the normal war horn)



❌You can't repost my mod as yours

✔️You can use my mod in your modpack but you must let me know

✔️You can use in a modpack with friends without let me know

✔️You can make videos about my mod (If you want, leave me the link in the comments)

Modification files

Good! I think it has great potential, are you planning updates?