Dead Guys Untitled Deep Dark

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Dead Guys Untitled Deep Dark Is a Forge Mod created By Dead Guy (me), it's supposed to recreate the Deep Dark in a much more different way, it is filled whit mobs, blocks, plants and Structures, so you would have stuff to do!

The Deep Dark in this mod is a Dimension, and you'd be able to get using The Light n' Dark (echo...echoo....echooo), and you can craft it using three Cold Deep Stone (which you can find it in the deepest depths of the OverWorld), some Obsidian (3) and Chains (2), and simply inserit a Diamond (right click whit a Diamond in hand) and BOOOM, suddenly you're in the Deep Dark, keep in mind that you can't use The Light n' Dark in blocks like grass, stone or wood, the block needs to be placed on bedrock, how to find bedrock you may ask? Dig straight down a few blocks and you'd find some!

wait dead guy, how do i get out from the deep dark im stuck now!11!

Well it's very simple, you need to craft The Dark n' Light (echo...echoo....echooo), and you can craft it the same as a Light n' Dark but you need to use Grimstone [which you can get while smelting Deep Stone (which you can obtain by smelting the Cold Deep Stone)] and you need to simply inserit a Gold Ingot (right click whit a Gold Ingot in hand) and BOOOM,suddenly, you're in the overworld where you're world spawn point is!






In this Deep Dark you are able to find treasures and dungeons to explore, ore's spawning rate are increased which means that you can find more Diamonds, but, beware of the Powerfull mobs out there.....

The Mobs are something which need to be avoided (if you don't wanna lose you're hardcore world), they can kill you easily if you have the proper gear for them...

But wait, what if there were dungeons🤔 Well golly me my fellow reader, I added them, there are dangers and treasures in there, spawners of dangerous mobs, blocks of riches such as Diamonds and Gold!

If You Like Music Then you'd probably love the music I made for the mod! The Mod Features Original Music Discs that You're able to find in some loot tables from a structures, you can check out the Music Discs In Game!


Lisent Man, if you like my mod upvote for cookie 

Modification files
dgudd_2.0.jar - Bug Fixes16.19 MB

                         1.0 Update


Frist Version LET'S GOOOO!!



                      2.0 Update 


-Improved Some Performence Issues

-Fixed Bugs

-The Warden Now Has 200 Health

-Fixed An Issue Whit The Player Crashing While Seeing a Sculk Zombie

-Sculk Zombies No Longer Attack Sculk Spies

-Structures No Longer Spawn In Air

-The Sculk Spy Have a Small Chance to Spawn Whit Invisibility

-The Sculk Spy Now Has Proper Drops

 -Sculk Biters Now Will Drop "Sculk Tooth"

-Whit 4 Sculk Teeth You Can Craft 2 Sculk Biters

Well I'm not an enormous fan of the warden (or cave update in general), but what I really like are those different plants for Deep Dark.

Congratulations on winning Mod of the Week :)
Can't wait to see more content for this one!

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