Dead Guys Pig History

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Dead Guys Pig History Adds Unique Piglins called Porklins, you are able to Trade whit them whit a new Currency Called Rubies! If You Feel a Bit Confused in this mod, don't worry, there is a special book called Pigestiary, you can learn mostly everything that this mod brings, you are able to craft that book using some Porkchop and a Book!

Porklins have different unique Classes which are Archeologist, BeekeeperCheeseMakerFisherPig and the Rare Farmer! You can also give a Porklin that dosen't have a class a class! 

Porklins Aren't found naturally (except in some structures), so you'd need to perform a "ritual" to revive a Porklin and get you're own humanoid pig!


You Can Find Ancient Structures in Forest's and find Rubies (that is the only way to find them!), that like I said, you can trade whit the Porklins and get loot!

This mod also adds a lot of Paintings and Decorative Pots! The Paintings include Paintings that have Porklins in them and Painting that have Vanilla Mobs and Structures in them!

The Pots are Called Clay Pots and include 4 Different Colors! Of Course, You can also find them in Structures!


If You Wanna Support the mod you can download the mod, maybe leave a little comment upvote if you wanr yk stuff like that, anyways, bye bye




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Really cute concept. Except for rubies, I love this mod's idea, it seems to be really well executed! (and I don't like rubies just because there are too many mods with rubies, there's nothing wrong with them really XD)

Very nice mod, both your mods with more content can get motw!

Cute concept, this mod is way more cute, i will upvote that mod