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Published by GapPro on Mon, 06/07/2021 - 09:25
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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I developed this mod for a long time just for myself, but I decided to post it on the MCreator website.

This mod has:

  • 15 new blocks,
  • 18 new items,
  • 1 new dimension.

This mod is similar to if I did a minecraft update (very strange). 

Guide for the mod:

First you need to get a new ore that will spawn from 0 to 15 heights:

Mana ore

After that, you need to put the ore in the stonecutter

Craft mana shards

After that, it is recommended to craft a mana book using this item, you will learn the main part of crafting, but for this you will need 15 levels

Mana book

Then you need to craft the mana generator and click on it mana shard to get the mana itself, it will be needed for the next crafting

Mana generator

Using mana, you can craft mana bars, they will be needed for crafting armor and weapons that are as powerful as iron, but have special effects by type:

  • Mana Helmet gives you night vision
  • The mana breastplate gives a luck effect
  • Mana pants give you speed
  • Mana boots improve the jump
  • By clicking the left mouse button while holding the mana sword you can teleport 100 blocks forward
  • By clicking the left mouse button while holding the mana pickaxe you can break a block at a distance of 100 blocks
  • The Mana axe doesn't break when it cuts wood
  • Mana Shovel gives you experience when digging the ground
  • Mana Hoe plows the ground 3x3

But to craft mana armor, you need pieces of mana that can be obtained by killing mobs in a new dimension, but more on that later

To get into a new dimension, you need to craft a magic wand, but to craft it, you first need to craft a mana stick from the mana itself

Mana stick

Also for crafting you will still need mana fuel which melts twice as much as a coal block

Mana fuel

And after that you will be able to craft a magic wand that will move you to a new dimension when you click it

Magic lighter

The mana dimension is divided into two biomes, the first blue biome is the mana biome here live mana mobs by killing them you will get a piece of mana, and the second red biome is inhabited by mana red mobs by killing them you will get unstable mana that will be used for more complex crafting, also red mobs and neighboring mobs fight with each other

Mana biome

After that, the mod is mostly studied and then there are crafting various useful items and I will tell you about the most interesting ones

Mana repaer a block that repairs 10 of an item's strength in one level here's its crafting (can't repair staffs)

Mana repaer

But as you noticed, the crafting center uses an item that I haven't mentioned yet-the heart of mana-to get it, you need to kill the mana boss, and to summon it, you need to build this structure

Mana boss

Another block that I want to say is mana loader to craft this block, you need to click the heart of mana on the mana generator, this block is cut by clicking on the mana nim and turns on the redstone signal after that it will load the territory within a radius of 100 blocks 1 mana is enough for 10 minutes of work

Mana loader

There is a lot more to the mod but so far this is all I wanted to tell you in the future the guide will be updated

In total, there are 216 elements in the mod, I will try to update the mod to make it even better, but for now it is still in beta.

Modification files
mana_mod-0.7.jar - v0.74.71 MB