Published by SaucyFoot on Thu, 06/24/2021 - 04:13
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome To CarterCraft It Has Been A Really Small Project But Has Gotten Better You Can Use Items, Guns, and 8 New ores for your minecraft conquest.


Heavily Recommended That You Use Just Enough Items

                                                  (FOR RECIPES)


I Will apologize if mod files go over 20mb but it wont happen for a bit.


CarterCraft v1.5 - Guns And Items Update

This Update Will Bring The Curiosity Of many minecrafters to try this wonderful and huge update it will rewrite most of the following project and add up 200 items!  


Warning! if this following update brings bugs the will probably be major because of my forge being messy.



 1.17 Mod Version

It will not happen until the next 2-5 months so please don't ask!


Back Porting 

Right Now We Will Not be Back Porting because of different bug of java 8 

however if we do backport it will be 1.15.2 ONLY

Modification files
CarterCraft_v1.5_Finished2.jar - Note: This Is A Strong Beta File So It Has Plenty Of Bugs3.27 MB

Adds 68! New And Unique Items To Explore

Including Everything I Worked On For A Month!