Nettles! (No more updates) Only Old Versions

Published by MikoPiko on Thu, 06/24/2021 - 16:39
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Mod that adds nettles and more fun stuff to mess with !

Authors :

MikoPiko - Mod Creator & Programmer
Nanex221 - Texture Creator

Nettles! is a mod that was created for endless adventures in the dangerous, square world of minecraft. Got netherite and you're bored in minecraft? Try to dig up a new nettice ore. Extreme quests and rare ore make a big challenge for professional Minecraft players.  There is also something for less skilled players.
The frequently occurring Unut ore makes the game easier by dealing more damage with the sword than its iron counterpart. Including lots of easter eggs and changing the texture quality by clicking the nettle wand on the nettle block. Try to discover all the Easter Eggs. Good luck for finding them!

Dimension in previev






Mod is Cancelled!

! I will not publish any newer mod files !



Modification files
NettleModv0.3.0-experimental.jar - Added Nettle dimension previev! - For testing only! - May corrupt worlds - Forge 1.16.X2.68 MB
NettleModv0.2.2.jar - Added Golden Nettle leaf, remaked textures for leaves! - Forge 1.16.X2.65 MB
NettleModv0.2.1.jar - Added Unut! - Forge 1.16.X2.6 MB
NettleModv0.1.0a.jar - Added Nettles, Nettice, And much more! - Forge 1.16.X282.99 KB

v0.1.0a Added Nettles, Nettice, And much more!

v0.2.1 Added Unut!

v0.2.2 Added Golden Nettle leaf, remaked textures for leaves!