The Afterlight

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Minecraft Forge mod
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"Stay out of the darkness, or you might regret it" - An old Afterlight explorer

The Afterlight is an expansive mod that strives to add a new dangerous and eerie dimension to Minecraft, filled with new biomes, enemies, structures, weaponry, and more!

This mod is still in development with many new features to be added. If you have any feature ideas, leave a comment or join my Discord at

Official Wiki:

  • A soul-themed dark & luminescent dimension, located on the Dark Arm of the Dimensional Plane (In between the End and the Overworld)
  • 4 new Overworld biomes + 3 new cave biomes to discover in the dimension
  • 6 new mobs to defeat
  • 20+ new plants to collect and farm
  • 3 new tool/weapon/armor sets
  • Over 10 new advancements to complete
  • Some intriguing lore of past survivors of the dimension
  • And much more!

Q. Can I add this mod to my modpack?

A. Yes, you can add The Afterlight to your modpack as long as I am credited. 

Q. Is this mod server compatible?

A. Yes, it should be completely server compatible. If not, let me know.

Q. Can I repost your mod anywhere?
A. No, this mod should not be reposted on other sites. If you find it reposted on another site where it is not published by me, don't download it!



Note: I am no longer updating this mod's page. Visit the CurseForge page for more recent updates to the mod. The mod is also no longer made with Mcreator.

Modification files
The Afterlight v1.1.jar - Version 1.1. Adds lots of small tweaks.5.68 MB
The Afterlight v1.2.jar - Version 1.2. Adds more caves biomes and plants/blocks etc.5.87 MB
The Afterlight v1.3.1.jar - Version 1.3. Adds a lot of misc stuff and fixes some bugs.5.92 MB
The Afterlight v1.4.jar - Version 1.4. Fixes some balancing issues.5.9 MB

First version released!

Version 1.1 Changes:

  • Added more progression related tweaks
  • AI changes

Version 1.2 Changes:

  • Added the aqua caves
  • Added the bloodweed caves
  • Added the crimson skeleton
  • Tweaked the progression system
  • Tweaked some advancements
  • Added moon lilies, which spawn in moonlight swamps
  • Tweaked some spawning mechanics to make the dimension more challenging
  • Removed the charm of flight, since it had some major issues

That looks really cool! I'm not a fan of dark dimensions (simply by them being too popular), but the light features you gave it here makes it really magical. I feel BetterEnd vibes, and this is always the best I can say about any mod :D

Also, if you would like to use Avoider effect from my mod, allowing builders to feel safe in small area of your dimension, feel free to contact me, I'd love to support this mod ^^

I think this should be mod of the weak, it's one of the best dimension mods I've ever seen!