Minecraftian universe

Published by NpcCreator on Mon, 07/19/2021 - 00:28
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the mod just started development

use the command:

execute in minecraftian_universe:volcanis run tp @s ~ ~ ~

to teleport planet volcanis.


Welcome to Minecraftian Universe.

The point of this mod is to make an amazing and new space mod.

I will constantly be updating the mod.

B I G Update is coming

The mod is going Open sourced, find it at: https://github.com/Ncreate101/minecraftian_universe/tree/Open-sourced

In order to help with it, you need a github account, after that ask to help in the comments and tell me your github username and I will add you.

Modification files

Alpha 0.1 part 1

  • released to public
  • started work on first planet, Volcanis

Alpha 0.1 part 2
  • added tin
  • added Zemino belt location
  • added Lost Astronaut mob

Alpha 0.2 snapshot
  • (It took 2 hours of nonstop debuging to make the snapshot, I'm to tired to give a changelog entry right now🥱)

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