Dimension Starter

Published by WestGames7 on Sun, 08/01/2021 - 17:50
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod allows you to choose what dimension you want to start in when you first create a world, making nether challenges or end challenges easier, especially for modpacks.


You are absolutely free to use this in any modpack, credit is welcome :)


When you start up a world for the first time, you will be introduced by a menu that allows you to make 3 choices, Overworld, Nether, End, choosing any of them will teleport you to that dimension, where you cant start your Minecraft adventure in a new and unique way!


Should be compatible with most mods

Modification files
Dimension_Starter_1.16.5.jar - Version KB
Dimesion_Starter_1.16.5.jar - Version KB

Start File (Shouldn't receive too many updates)


-Menu that allows you to change dimensions at the start of the game


-Commands that can reset the mod (/dimenstarter reset)


That's about it, have fun! :)

interesting concept
maybe you could make essential stuff such as wood or stone available in the nether or end trough some way (like end trees or different stuff) , maybe with a gamerule if you want people to decide wether they want it or not

I have a mod "end survival".Check it out!It lets you start in the overworld but forces you to the end.
Also,"force hardcore" is very great on servers in case anybody hacked the server.The hacker most possibly will miss the variable and die:)

it's already possible to survive and progress in the nether (you just go with Crimson/Warped nyllium > Blackstone > Gold > piglin bartering for anything else you require > netherite). However the End is definitely more tricky.