Powers of the wild

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This mod ads the champions powers of the legend of zelda breath of the wild.



It is of no use having multiple of the same type(also plus version) of power because they use the same cooldown.

Mipha's grace:

This power save you from death if it is in youre inventory and will recarghe after 16:30 minutes.

Mipha's grace plus is is the same but wil recharge in 5:30 minutes.


Urbosa's fury:

This power will attack most hostille mobs with a devastating lichting strike when the item is in hand and left clicked, and will recarge after 5 minutes.

Urbosa's fury plus is the same but but will recarge in 1:50 minutes


Revali's gale:

This power will make a colum of air that will lift you up when shift+left cliked when item in hand and will recharge after 2 minutes.

Revali's gale plus is the same but will recharge after 40 seconds.


Daruks protection:

This power will absorb all damage when damaged ones when in hand or of hand and whill recharge after 3 minutes.

Daruks protection plus is the same but will recharge after 1 minute.



Urbosas fury recipe & Urbosas fury plus recipe

Miphas grace recipe & Miphas grace plus recipe

Revalis gale recipe & Revalis gale plus recipe

 Daruks protection recipe & Daruks protection plus recipe


Extra info:

this mod is not fully completed yet. I am working on adding the divine beast and the blight cannons and the EX champions shrines as a way to get the powers so until then the recipes for the powers will stay but after that then they will be removed.

If there are questions or other things please put them on my curseforge page https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/powers-of-the-wild There you can also find more images.


I have a discord server where you can ask questions, talk or put bug reports if you want to do it there https://discord.gg/bBj5vKGFMw.


This mod has been made using mcreator.

Modification files
powers_of_the_wild_1.19.2_1.jar - the mod is now in 1.19.2Uploaded on: 11/13/2022 - 19:17   File size: 834.34 KB
powers_of_the_wild_1.18.2_1.jar - the mod is now in 1.18.2Uploaded on: 03/16/2022 - 12:08   File size: 644.1 KB
powers_of_the_wild_1.17.1_1.jar - fixed bug : revalis gale not working on the correct position. and now the mod is in 1.17.1Uploaded on: 03/16/2022 - 12:07   File size: 642.83 KB
powers_of_the_wild_1.16.5_1.0.jar - Version 1 ads the champions powers of the legend of zelda breath of the wild. and there recipes.Uploaded on: 08/14/2021 - 12:12   File size: 687.3 KB

You can find the changelogs on the curseforge page by clicking on the files.