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MineCreate, a mix of Minecraft and the word Create. This mod is to change Minecraft in ways that is more natural to vanilla Minecraft. No automation or overpowered tools and armor, just slight changes and some stuff added to make the game more exciting. 



You might see this:

1.0.3 (first release) to lets say 1.0.12.

This happens because every test that I do (after I add or change something) I will make the number higher. I will put all the stuff I changed in the middle of the released updates in the changelog.

Let me know if there are any bugs by telling me in the comments or dm on discord to let me know! (kano berono#5061)

Modification files
Mine-map 1.0.3.jarUploaded on: 08/15/2021 - 07:14   File size: 28.87 KB

1.0.0- Added Sapphire Ore.

1.0.1- Added Sapphire.

1.0.2- Fixed duplication glitch involving Sapphire Ore. Changed Sapphire Ore hardness from 1.15 to 3.45.

1.0.3- (First release) added Block of Sapphire. (read above for all other added/changed stuff)

1.0.4- Added Polished Block of Sapphire.

1.0.5- Added crafting for Polished Block of Sapphire

1.0.6- Added Lithium Ore 

1.0.7- Added Lithium Sheets 

1.0.8- ((2) release) Added Lithium  (read above for all other added/changed stuff) 

1.0.9- Testing in survival 1

1.0.10- Fixed Sapphire Ore generation (failed)

1.0.11- Unable to fix. Running another test (testing)

1.0.12- Fixed Sapphire ore generation

1.0.13- Added Oxidized Nickel Ore

-currently stopping the development of this modpack to make another one about combat-

I am not the best artist so the textures might not be that good but I will change that in the future as I get better.