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Maintainance only
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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Adds loading tips to the game!

Change the workspace to add more tips/make the tips suitable your mod/modpack!

Fully customizable!


Warning:this is more like a template than a complete mod,so I omitted the jar file.

Needs MCreator to customize and build.

Due to this mod being small and I'm not planning to update it a lot,bug reports/suggestions MAY not get a response.

However,I will still check it,so you can still post it in the comments.

Note:It is not worth it to write a 1000-line bug report and I checked after a year and said "Sorry,I'll not  fix it".

Dont waste too much time to write the bug report/feature requests unless you have to.Use the time to search for *better* loading tip mods on cursefoge please.

That being said,I would be happy if anybody downloaded the mod.

Modification files
Wksp.zip - The mod does not have a lot tips for now so the jar is omitted.Customize yourself!9.46 KB