Rush Pearls

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Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Academic Free License v3.0
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If you have ever played Hypixel skywars in rush mode you will know there are rush pearls. These are ender pearls but you ride on them. I give full credit to Hypixel for the idea. You should play that first is the ip



If you would like to see all download options/older versions please go to my Curseforge page



It is recommended that you use with this mod to make the pearl less laggy.

Rush pearl recipe:







                                     Full version is here!





Note: Fabric version is in development

Known issues: Rush pearl is too big in hand.

Modification files
Rush Pearls 1.15.2 Forge V2.2.jar - Fully working version!4.26 MB
Rush Pearls 1.16.5 Forge V2.2.jar - Fully working version!4.26 MB

V1.0 Added a mod description and photo

V2.0 Fixed lagging between them when you throw multiple!!!

V2.1 Added a link to the mod page in the mod menu

V2.2 Fixed the mod photo and changed the recipe