Minetroid Prime

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Minecraft Forge mod
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WHAT!?! Metroids have invaded our favorite blocky world! And with them comes the one and only, Samus Aran! Sadly though, she was killed by a metroid. Don't worry though, she respawned in her gunship. As it turns out, this metroid wasn't an ordinary metroid. It was an experiment! It was the offspring of a metroid and an X parasite! (I honestly don't know how that would work) And the creature was able to copy the power armor into it's DNA! After Samus left this universe, the metroid bred with a creeper, making the all new Metreeper. This breed of metroid now contains the programming of the power armor into it's DNA. This isn't all bad though, because if you combine the metroid DNA with netherite armor, you will get Samus's iconic armor! (HINT: You can dye the power armor to look like Dark Samus Armor and Fusion Samus Armor!) you can also combine 8 netherite and a diamond block to make her Arm Cannon! The armor gives you status effects like night vision, speed, strength, and slow falling! You can also visit planet zebes!



The Metroid Series and characters are owned by Nintendo. All Rights Reserved.



This mod is nonprofit and is only a passion project for an amazing and fun series.


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MINETROID VER 1.0.jar - The Minetroid Mod127.6 KB

Hey guys! Since this mod is new, I would really appreciate if you comment your thoughts on the mod! you can also find this mod on Curseforge if you like that sorta thing!