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Greetings and I welcome you to my minecraft mod project I call the Scuba Mod. Prepare to explore the depths of the oceans of minecraft as you assume the role of a scuba diver!

This mod aims to add items, biomes and structures to promote more ocean exploration in your minecraft runs. This mod aims to be used alongside aquatic creature mods for great scuba diving experiences in the amazing world of minecraft.


Diving Gears:

The diving gear sets are a special type of armory that grant 'oxygen charges' among other various benefits depending on the gear. An oxygen charge can be used while underwater by pressing '=', using an oxygen charge restores all of the air you've lost. If you lose all of your oxygen charges you need to either return to the surface or use an air compressor.



Aquatic craft

Aquatic Diving Gear. The first obtained diving gear. It is a freediving set that is themed around snorkeling. The mask grants air when you are close to the surface of water, its design is based on a full face snorkle mask. The gear grants 1 oxygen charge and its design is based on a snorkeling vest. The fins are short and only grant 1 second of speed after using an oxygen charge.


NereticNeretic craft

Neretic Diving Gear. The second diving set and current strongest freediving set. It is crafted by combining an aquatic gear with a reinforced plastic. The mask grants air when close to the surface of water, its design is based on classic snorkle mask. The gear grants 3 oxygen charges and its design is based on a diving weight belt. The fins are slightly longer than the aquatic fins and grant 2 seconds of speed after using an oxygen charge.


Pelagicpelagic craft

Pelagic Diving Gear. The third diving set and the first obtained scuba diving set. It is crafted by combining a neretic gear with a reinforced iron. The mask is the first mask not to have a snorkle function and does not grant air when close to the surface of water, its design is based on a basic scuba diving mask. The gear is the first obtained airtank and grants 10 oxygen charges, unlike the freediving sets this set requires an air compressor to restore oxygen charges. A diving mask is required for the scuba diving gears to work. The fins are slightly longer than the neretic fins and grant 3 second of speed after using an oxygen charge.


OceanicOceanic craft

Oceanic Diving Gear. The second strongest and the preultimate scuba diving set. It is crafted by combining a pelagic gear with a reinforced diamond. The mask has a snorkle and can grant air when swimming close to the surface of water. The gear is a double airtank and grants 15 oxygen charges. The fins are much longer than previous fins and grant 4 seconds of speed after using an oxygen charge.


BenthicBenthic craft

Benthic Diving Gear. The last obtained and the strongest scuba diving set. It is crafted by combining an oceanic gear with a reinforced netherite. The mask has a built in snorkle and grant air when swimming close to the surface of water. The mask is themed around deep sea diving helmets. The gear is a triple air tank and grants 20 oxygen charges. The fins are the longest of all the diving fins and grant 5 second of speed after using an oxygen charge.


Air comAir com craft

The Air Compressor. This sturdy block can be used to refill your airtank once it fully empties. With the airtank in your hand just simply right click and your airtank will be ready for your next aquatic adventure.


Flag internationalFlagFlag craft

Diving Flag Floats. Diving flag floats are a fun way to roleplay as a diver. In real life they are used to warn passing boats about a divers presence below the water.


Reinforced plastic/iron/diamond/netherite Fragments. These fragments are the stepping stones to upgrading through the diving gears. You require 9 of the respective material type fragments to restore them. Reinforced plastic are found in river biomes. Reinforced iron are found in shallow ocean biomes. Reinforced diamond are found in deep ocean biomes. The final material fragment are found in trench biomes


Fragment crafting

Reinforced plastic/iron/diamond/netherite. These reinforced materials are primary used to upgrade diving gears. Reinforced plastic upgrades aquatic gear, reinforced iron upgrades neretic, reinforced diamond upgrades pelagic and reinforced netherite upgrades oceanic. To use them, simply combine the respective gear with the respective reinforced material at a smithing table.



The Ocean Trench Biomes. These special types of ocean biomes are deeper and lack vanilla structures. These biomes will be expanded on a later date with some exciting things!


This project started as an idea in my head when I discovered Mcreator was about to add 'Oxygen set' procedures. I have always loved the oceans and scuba diving so I want to hopefully inspire others as I work on this mod. I have many ideas planned and I am excited to share this with you all.


  • Klemen and their awesome team for creating this great software and community.
  • My friends and family for being awesome.
  • The people I have borrowed sounds and music for this project

(Please note all music and sounds used have been checked and have been given the ok to be used for this kind of project).

Thank you for looking at my project! I hope you enjoy the content this mod provides and if you have any issues, thoughts or suggestions please comment them down below. I'll be happy to listen to your feedback.

Stay Tranquil


Modification files
ScubaMod 0.1.2.jar - The second addition update. Rehauls and polishes the diving gear functions and adds new diving sets.6.3 MB
ScubaMod0.1.1.1_0.jar - Fixed an oversight. No longer activates after taking one hit from drowning, but rather by pressing =6.63 MB
ScubaMod_0.1.1.jar - The first ever mod update. Featuring diving flags and freediving gear6.62 MB
ScubaMod.jar - The first stable build. Featuring the scuba gear and the air compressor5.55 MB

0.1.0 = An aquatic adventure begins...

  • Added the Diving mask, Air tank and Fins.
  • Added the Air Compressor, used to refill the Air Tank.
  • Added the "AirTankCapacity" and "Airtankfill" values.
  • Added the Ocean Trench biomes, they will be expanded on a later update.
  • Added a music track for the trench biomes by Meydan.
  • Added a cave sound for the trench biomes, by Tritus.
  • Added a Breathing sound effect for the scuba gear, by digifishmusic.
  • Added the recipes for the scuba gear, and the air compressor. 

0.1.1 = Fun with diving flags

  • Added the Neretic Diving Gear. A freediving themed set, because freediving is cool too!
  • The set is made of the Snorkle mask, which allows breathing when close to the surface of the water. The weight belt, which grants 3 oxygen charges and the Neretic Diving Fins.
  • Added the Diving Flag Floats. A fun way to roleplay as an underwater diver!
  • Added the Neretic Diving Gear and Diving Flag Floats recipes.
  • Added a new UI event for the oxygen charge bar. Pressing backspace while wearing diving equipment changes the diving flag icons to the international diving flag style.
  • Changed the Air Compressor function. No longer works while the player is underwater.
  • Changed the mod icon and the description

I hope you enjoy this small update! Next update will be much longer. Until then,

Stay Tranquil. = Really small bug fix

  • Changed Oxygen Charges. No longer restores oxygen after taking a hit from drowning. It is now activated by pressing '=', and can be done so on any air level.

I apologise for this annoying oversight. Let me know how you guys find this new way of activating the oxygen charges. Next 'feature' update will be much bigger. Until then,

Stay Tranquil


0.1.2 = The sea floor's the limit

  • Added the Aquatic Diving set
  • Added the Oceanic Diving set
  • Added the Benthic Diving set
  • Added the reinforced plastic/iron/diamond/netherite fragments
  • Added the reinforced plastic/iron/diamond/netherite fragment structures. Found in certain aquatic biomes, refer to desc.
  • Added the reinforced plastic/iron/diamond/netherite items. Used to upgrade diving gear.
  • Added NBT tags. You can now mix and match different masks with different diving air tanks.
  • Replaced the oxygen bar with a diving watch that indicates current oxygen charges.
  • Overhauled the diving gear crafting system.
  • Added a diving mask overlay when you equip a diving mask.
  • Freediving based gear now restores air when you are above the surface at any oxygen charge level.
  • Changed and removed lore on various items.
  • Retextured the item textures for the neretic diving set.
  • Retextured the item textures for the pelagic diving set.
  • Retextured the item textures for the diving flag floats.
  • Retextured the item texture for the air compressor.
  • Changed the name of the Diving Flag Float Alt to 'International Diving Flag Float'
  • Diving fins now have a function! They now grant speed for a set amount of seconds depending on the diving fins. This is triggered by activating an oxygen charge.
  • Overhauled the diving gear variables. Oxygen charges are no longer stored worldwide, but each player.

I hope you enjoy this new update. This update was aimed mainly to polish and implement the rest of the planned diving gears. So now I can start focusing on immersive aquatic biomes and structures. Please do let me know if you encounter any bugs or have any thoughts. Until next time,

Stay Tranquil.