Biome Expansion ( Happy Version :D)

Published by YeoXuHang on Wed, 09/08/2021 - 02:23
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod is about Biomes

added Biome:

  • Redwood forest
  • lavender field
  • Maple woods
  • Bayou
  • Hot Springs

added tree:

  • redwood tree (in Redwood forest)
  • jacaranda tree (in Lavender Field)
  • Maple tree (in Maple Woods)
  • Willow tree (in Bayou)(edited)
  • Baobab tree (in Savanna)

add new item:

  • button and pressure plate

Things that changed

  • when you are in hot spring water, you will get regeneration effect





This mod is my friend one , not my mod. Because he/she cant upload so I help he/she.



Modification files
BiomeExpansion_V1.5.jar - Newest version is here1.18 MB

hi yo im the one who make the mod but since i can't upload so i decide to let my friend upload instead and thanks for download!