Biomes Expansion

Published by YeoXuHang on Wed, 09/08/2021 - 11:30
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hey guys!

This is my own mod. 


  • Allium Plain
  • Allium Hill 
  • Allium Oak Forest 
  • Allium Dark Oak Forest
  • Allium Birch Forest
  • Allium Spruce Forest
  • More Biome will add soon


  • Allium ( It is a type of flower)
  • Bamboo Fishing Rod ( When main hand it will give you luck)
  • Logs Skin ( When you right click logs with axe it will drop, when you right click it on stripped logs it will change to log)
  • More Item will add soon

Things that change: 

  • now you can craft purple dye using Allium


If you have any things to ask, you can join my discord here



If you guys enjoy it, you can give an upvote if you want



Modification files
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