Upgradable Tools

Published by SkelMaxis on Fri, 09/24/2021 - 19:56
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Upgraded Tools brings simplistic upgrades for every vanilla wooden tool. Each tool upgrade has twice the efficiency and durability of the last tier.
Tin ore spawns at Y:80 and below, leaving it next to/above/below lava will melt it to molten tin (tin has a low melting point compared to most metals) grab your molten tin in a bucket and place it next to packed ice, to cool it down into a solid.

Each Tier 6 tool has a unique effect when right clicked.

-===Wooden Pickaxe===-
Has the ability to place an invisible light source
-===Wooden Shovel===-
Turns grass block into coarse dirt
-===Wooden Axe===-
Turns stripped logs into charcoal blocks
-===Wooden Hoe===-
Holding right click on TOP of farmland works like bonemeal

Honestly a bit of a practice mod to learn how to make mods.
I wouldn't expect an update very often.

Modification files
UpgradedToolsv1.2.jar - v1.2 fixed texture on tin ore140.06 KB
UpgradedToolsv1.3.jar - v1.3 added recipes to tin block and charcoal block / fixed T6 Axe149.77 KB

v1.0 unreleased
        Bugs. Bugs. Bugs. Bad code.
v1.1 unreleased
       Tin and charcoal block added
v1.2 released
       Tin ore adjusted to look more natural
       Tier 6 abilities added