Amphibia Mod

Published by Funlax on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 23:35
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This is the perfect mod for anyone who likes Amphibia and The Owl House (shh, it's an easter egg).

This mod adds the Calamity Box with the 3 gems from the show Amphibia. The Calamity Box teleports the player to Amphibia. I added the Special Key to return from Amphibia.

Use JEI for the recipes.

The 3d models were made in Blockbench.


you can view this mod on curseforge, where it will be updated there.


Modification files
calamitybox_0.jar - Added structures, Marcy, The Amphibia Dimension323.15 KB
calamitybox_1.jar - Added Achievements, secrets, and a whole lot more!1.01 MB
calamitybox_2.jar - view full report: MB

I know the mobs ai is broken.
I also know dimensions are causing crashes.
I am currently fixing it, so no worries.

fixed the mob ai. download further updates over on curseforge: