The Nightmare Lands

Published by DumbPocket on Sat, 11/13/2021 - 11:49
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Minecraft Forge mod
Academic Free License v3.0
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This is a video of what is in 

a offical guide is comming after beta

Short Description

The nightmare land is an dimension with the land shape of the overworld, it is in complete darkness and overthrown with copies of the overworld monster and endermen.

Transferation Mechanics

There are two ways to transfer into the nightmare lands after death:

1. In easy mode there is an 25% chance of transferation, normal 50% and in hard 100%.

2. The transfer is always guaranteed when holding an totem of death which can be obtained in the nightmare lands. You can use the totem a total of 3 times before it breakes.

What can the nightmare lands be used for?

The nightmare lands give you a second chance to evade death.

If you manage to get to the exact same coordinates of your death you will keep your items and return to your death's location, if you die in the nightmare lands you die in the overworld. Your items will drop in the overworld right where you were before entering the nightmare lands.

This can save your Hardcore world.

The nightmare lands also contain unique resources such are: dead dirt, screaming stone, dead wood(,) and "missing". (more coming soon)


Since Beta 1.1.0 you can be transfered from any dimension including from mods.
However you can only be transfered back in the vanilla dimension.

So: Any Modded->Nightmare->Overworld but

Any Vanilla->Nightmare->That exact same as start.


Playing recomendations:

Do not play in any big mod packs where you dont know whether there are different death mechanics unless you are using an experimenting world instead of your normal world.

EPILEPSY WARNING: optifine shaders might be bugged in the missing dimension so if you have some form of seizures from time to time i recommend turning off shaders, however it wasnt tested.

Since this is a beta there might be some stuff in the future affecting the world generation, so making back ups often is recommended.

One more Gigabyte of ram is recommended than you use in your vanilla safe, because afking in the nightmare lands may cause a lot of mobs to spawn.

The most important thing is to stay calm, especially if you are new to playing with mods.

Always have some torches or night vision with you, just like an shovel, pickaxe and some blocks.

Also play with just enough items as there is no official guide.

What is planned in the future?

- more structures and dungeons in the nightmare lands just as in the overworld.

- compatibility with optifine shaders.

- new magic artifacts and relicts.

- more building blocks.

- more resources

- balancing


Beta 1.1.1:

* balancing

+ added 2 biomes 

+ added plagued dead dirt

+ ritual table has been added but has no real use

- tried to remove mysterious far lands guy once again

Beta 1.1.0:

+ added different wither mechanics in the nightmare lands (this will be changed in the future)

+ added Nightmare steel

+ added Ancient Base in the nightmare lands

+ added hidden advancements

+ added nightmare orb

* Totem Of Death is now called Totem 0f Nightmare (but the id is still the same)

* Fixed the chances to be transfered as in the description, the code was running twice meaning the chance was double as high.

* Missing ore is rarer than before

* NIghtmare lands now have denser fog

* missing ore emits low amount of light 

- removed mysterious farlands guy

Beta 1.0.0:

First release.

+ added nightmare lands

+ different mob behaviour in nightmare lands

+ added abandoned camps in the nightmare lands

+ added Screaming Forest (Biome)

+ added Nightmare Grass Landscape (Biome)

+ added Nightmare Wasteland (Biome)

Wow great concept, I'd love to see some cool new challenges in the nightmare dimension though :)