Published by maxgon2011 on Thu, 11/25/2021 - 18:55
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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a cool mod that i just still work on, i hope you like it :) i really try to fix entity bugs and stuff, but please tell me if you find any bugs. for now theres not much just a few flowers weapons and stuff. what will be in the next update:

-bug fixes and glitched models removed

-new weapons

-a new mob wich i wont tell you what it is for now

-more blocks and items

a new npc

-removed herobrine (XD)


Modification files
bettergameplay.jar - oldest version of the mod! it is on 1.16232.55 KB
bettergameplay version 1.1.jar - hello guys! the new update is here! now we have bugs fixed a new mob new bows and food. so, the new mob is actually a... fairy!!520.88 KB
bettergameplay version 1.2.jar - wait for 5th december to vote for the......909.43 KB

version 1.0:


-new woodtype

new mobs



version 1.1:

-new mob

-fix bugs(try)

-new weapons

-new blocks


1.2 will has:

-bugx really fixed

-a mob vote (you can vote for it until 5th of december!)

-tin upgraded

-sounds not glitchy

-a new type of village


-more materials(e.g yhrium, tin)

-removed herobrine(i do this in every changelog XD)



maybe the model fixes didnt work, im doing them then in the next update wich will be the FAT major update!

im so happy i got 1 download!
thanks to the guy who downloaded it!
really thank you!

right now mcreator sucks a bit its very slow but im gonna do it!

should i take a screenshot?
would you like that?
(btw thanks for support:D!)

mob A: you should vote for this mob because it would really affect the gameplay and make it easier to get dirt(name:dirton)
mob B: you should vote for this mob because you can automate things with it ;-) (name:gobro)
mob C: you should vote for this mob because it will help to defeat monsters like zombies(name:blokky)
mob D: you should vote for this mob because it will keep fantoms away(name:phantomcrusher)