Awesome Watermelons!

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 Awesome Watermelons! is a mod adding to your game brand new melon slices with awesome prizes! You can craft them with well-known vanilla ores, thus it's a vanilla-friendly mod.

There are two main varieties of the melons: [ore] Melon Slice and Awesome [ore] Melon Slice!
The first one gives you a chance to get one of the ore's-related items, and the other one gives you all of them! Obviously, the Awesome Slice is harder to craft.


List of the new melons:

-Iron Melon Slice

-Awesome Iron Melon Slice

-Golden Melon Slice

-Awesome Golden Melon Slice

-Diamond Melon Slice

-Awesome Diamond Melon Slice

-Emerald Melon Slice

-Awesome Emerald Melon Slice

-Lapis Melon Slice

-Awesome Lapis Melon Slice

-Redstone Melon Slice

-Awesome Redstone Melon Slice

-Netherite Melon Slice

-Awesome Netherite Melon Slice


For the craftings I suggest JEI, however here they are below:


Iron Melon Slice | Awesome Iron Melon Slice




 Glistering Melon Slice (vanilla) | Golden Melon Slice | Awesome Golden Melon Slice

First craft the Glistering Melon Slice


Then put it on Smithing Table to get the Golden Melon Slice

Later, you can craft the Awesome Golden Melon Slice



Diamond Shard | Shard to Diamond | Diamond Melon Slice | Awesome Diamond Melon Slice






Emerald Shard | Shard to Emerald | Emerald Melon Slice | Awesome Emerald Melon Slice






Lapis Melon Slice | Awesome Lapis Melon Slice




Redstone Melon Slice | Awesome Redstone Melon Slice




Netherite Melon Slice | Awesome Netherite Melon Slice





Superior Melon Slice





 Superior and Omega melons are for you to find out what they give!

Have fun!


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Modification files
Awesome Watermelons!.zip - text file with link to curseforgeUploaded on: 12/26/2021 - 14:27   File size: 235 bytes

Forge 1.18.2 port with minor bug fixes

You can report any other bugs on my discord:

yes. this is the only modification we need. plz add dogecoin as well, then it will be complete