Creepers Hidden on Mobs (By Kayleb10)

Published by kayleb10 on Sat, 01/08/2022 - 18:44
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Creepers Hidden on Mobs adds some items and mechanics to the game. there are 3 infected mobs , cows , pigs ,and spiders, Also some creeper goop slugs come out of an infected creature a lot. all of the mobs can drop creeper goop which is a useful item for a tool. when a infected creature dies it leaves a creeper out of it also the slugs.  You can Find creeper goop ores on caves now as stone and deepslate there generacion are the same as iron .one thing yet theres Primed versions of infected creatures that are stronger and spawns multiple creepers when killed.there are two swords,like the creeper blade and the Primed creeper blade.1 achivement called "found you creep" can be obtanible by collecting 1 creeper goop. New armor now can be obtanible with recipes of creeper goop. 2 New Music Disks are in creative mode that brings the beat!. More comming in The future.


Modification files
Creepdate Extravagansa.jar - Its Finished All Items, Blocks , mobs, and tools are now in the mod!!8.97 MB

Version 1 : added creeper goop and primed ones , added creeper Blades, added a new ore , added Primed and infected mobs, added 1 achivement. Version 2: added 2 mobs, added 2 music disks, retextures items and tools. Version 3: retexture items mobs and tools. new creeper deepslate ore block is now on deep caves. new armor can be equiped and is the most strongest armor in the mod

Thanks for the error i havent noticed this before, but i will fix in notime!