The Unfamous - inspired by @Huntedskelly

Published by Stray123 on Mon, 02/07/2022 - 12:29
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watch the unfamous by huntedskelly (its epic):

huntedskelly on Scratch (


=void monsters! there are four:

-scorpion boyo: can only be attacked by direct player hit

-hydra?: has 1hp, but is immune to direct attack

-spike: no movement, lots of damage

astral entity thing: flies

=code blocks: craft the void summoner, antivoid sword, and other things. drops from void monsters.

=Void: boss from the unfamous, uses a variety of attacks, very powerful.

=void dimension: void will make portals on the ground that will try to suck you in, sending you to the void, where the only way back is to craft return to scratch with 8 code blocks and an ender pearl.

new disc! The Awakening - Patrick Patrikios, drops from void, used to craft void gauntlet.

Void Gauntlet: right-click to make void portals, mines portals and void blocks faster.

some recipes:

Antivoid sword:

(those are void nexuses, not void blocks)

Return To Scratch (escape the void):

Void Gauntlet:

Void Summoner (smithing)

so yeah thats a lot of stuff

download this and then go follow huntedskelly on scratch


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-removed void biome from the overworld, to make the void summoner u need to find a dungeon that spawns void monsters

-drastically changed void's attacks

-remade void monsters

-gave everything custom models (especially check out void gauntlet, some easter eggs wth that thing)