Burger Mod Java Edition WIP

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Just a mod I've been working on. It adds:

Cheeseburgers (Combine Hamburger with Cheese)

Bacon Cheeseburgers (Combine Bacon with Cheese Burger)

Hamburgers (Combine Steak and 2 Bread)

Cheese (Combine 3 Milk Buckets for 2 slices of cheese)

And "The Hippo" (Ketchup, Bacon, Cheese, and Meat) (Combine Ketchup and Bacon with Cheeseburger.)

Lemonade (Combine Sugar, Lemon, and a Water Bottle)

Tea (Combine any Flower and a Water Bottle or Potion)



How to get ketchup:

1. Find baby ketchup bushes.

2. Wait for the bushes to finish growing (you will see red on them when they are finished growing).

3. Harvest and regrow. (They act like berry bushes).

4. Combine 1 Tomato with glass bottle.

5. When using ketchup in recipe you will get the ketchup bottle back.


Modification files
Y-102_3 (1.16).jarUploaded on: 04/08/2022 - 13:02   File size: 488.47 KB
Y-103_2 (1.17).jarUploaded on: 04/16/2022 - 19:39   File size: 524.65 KB

Y-101: Release.

Y-102: Added lemon wood, lemonade, and a music disk!

Y-102_2: Bugfix.

Y-102_3: Bugfix.

Y-103: Added advancements, tea, and abandoned restaurants.

Y-103_2: (1.17 Only Patch) Fixed the tea recipes.