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In development
Academic Free License v3.0
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A mod by Umdeveloperbr


This mod have magic elements, magic mobs, AND MUCH MORE!!!




LAKA - The first dimension of this mod, it have a boss (will be talked about later) and ONE biome, for now. In this biome you can get the mana (or ammunition, call it whatever you want :P) of laka, dropped of the boss.




ROD OF RANDOMNESS - It can be crafted with a Rod Handle, and a Fragment of Galaxy. 




NAGA OF LAKA - This, is the boss of the dimension of Laka. He will spawn in the Castle of Diversity (will be added later) , localizated in the Burn't Forest


Available in English and Portuguese for now! (and yep, i'm brazilian)

Some items, structures, mobs or biomes are not available in the creative, to get through drops, to craft, to find and these things

So, this is my mod. I'm new to this thing and it may not have turned out so good, but I dedicated myself a lot and put a lot of time I didn't have to work on it.

Made with love :)

Modification files
DiversityMod.jar - It's in development, or a beta of beta of alphaUploaded on: 05/16/2022 - 23:30   File size: 278.77 KB



Added new blocks: Diversity Stone, Diversity Grass


Added new creative tabs: DiversityMod Blocks, DiversityMod Items

Added new achivement (type: goal): The power of randomness | Desc. : Craft the Rod of Randomness | Have a animation of totem and you get the achivement  when you craft the Rod of Randomness




Added new items (All the ways to get the items is in the mod description!): Rod Handle, Fragment of Galaxy

Added new weapon: Rod of Randomness (without craft)

Created new textures for a future armor and tunic

Added new spell: Blitz (It's a lightning bolt, under maintenance INDEFINITELY)


[v.0.1.2 Laka Update and Burn't Update]


Added new model to: Naga of Laka (The mob are not added yet to the game, in future maybe?)

Added new items and drops: Head Trophy Naga of Laka and Mana of Laka (their utilities it's in description)

Added new block: Laka Remnant

Added new wood and derivates: Laka Wood

Added new biome: Laka Forest

Added new tools and weapons made with Laka Wood 

Added new blocks: Laka Grass, Laka Stone

Added new ore: Laka Dust 

Added new armor: Laka Dust Armor

Added new pack of Laka Wood

Added new biome: Burn't Forest

Added new pack of Burn't Wood



These are the updates for now, keep an eye out here for future or new ones! 👀

You should include some screenshots, otherwise it sounds pretty cool